Sonic Witchcraft

Workshops & Lessons

Frame drummin lessons

NIMETU offers group and individual (frame) drumming courses.

The vicinity of other European cities, Graz and Vienna especially, makes it easy to book him for a “master class” or a combination of sound journey and drumming seminar.

He mostly specialises in frame drumming, but can also teach “multi-percussion”- based on African, Flamenco, Balkan, Turkish and Persian and other techniques on diverse percussion instruments. His main percussion instruments are cajon, djembe, udu drums and frame drums.

The approach is very systematic, fun and intense! The workshop can be beginner or intermediate / professional level. In mixed groups there is special attention that everyone gets exercises and new knowledge for their level of performance and understanding.

NIMETU is also available for sound and music creation for dance and theatre or accompanying dance classes.

Use “Contact” section for booking and enquiries!

TRANCEWORKS / RATTLE & DRUM / THE FLOW – Breathwork, Mindfulness, basic neo-shamanic practice & Sound

Andrej / Nimetu also offers intensive trans-formative workshops that are presented in a clear, honest, non-ideological and non-religious way, demonstrating different techniques for everyday use and very powerful breath-work and sonic mind journeys / meditations.