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The Myth of “A” = 432 Hz tuning reference

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I am always interested in new ideas about what is especially beneficial and can work in sound healing, but there are also so many bogus claims, overblown talk and outright false information.

The myth of 432 reference tuning especially got my interest, because it felt immediately “wrong” to me. The pitch reference can’t have that much effect, since we know from experience that we were moved and “healed” my thousands of sounds and music, either without any reference tuning (soundscapes, percussion or traditional music on old or traditionally made instruments) or with any of the standard concert pitch tunings… It is true that we mostly favour a bit lower tuning – feeling more relaxed, deeper, so in direct comparison we can favour a lower sounding example… but overall all those metaphysical claims seem to be pure bullshit…

The intention carried by a music is more influential than the pitch to which it is tuned.” ┬áThat’s the idea I deeply agree with and expressed myself before and can be also found in the below article that collected some helpful facts about this topic:





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  • Maxim on September 16, 2016

    I could recommend a free iOS player for experiment with A432Hz instrument tuning

    It lets toggle between standard / A432Hz tune and hear a difference self

  • Nimetu on October 28, 2017

    I like both tunings, but basically don’t care… some things are more sonorous pitched lower, some higher…

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