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Music Shiatsu Treatment

© Sasa Huzjak
© Sasa Huzjak


M.S.T. is a completely new method, developed and practiced by Tina Dobaj and Andrej Hrvatin. It is a combination of shiatsu treatment and sound journey.

The combination of the two methods enhances the effects of the session, making them very strong and effective. The effects are not only cumulative, the interaction of the two complementary approaches produces completely new effects – tactile sensations morphing into sound, music guiding the touch, relaxing the body, vibrations of sound mixing with pressure, etc. All of that results in a truly holistic, deeply overwhelming and unique treatment.

The Japanese acupressure massage works through the pressure on the meridians and affects feelings of comfort, relaxation, removes blockages and problems. The simultaneous sound treatment further enhances the healing effects. It is a very strong and deep method that “heals” (only YOU can heal yourself, we just help your mind and body to become more fluid, relaxed, open to possibilities previously locked by concepts, traumas, prejudices, blockages (either physical or mental), etc.) on several levels (physical, energetic and “spiritual” (in any way that you imagine that, if at all)).



Tina studied at Yoseido Shiatsu Academy in Brussels. After graduation she started working as shiatsu therapist. Through her further studies in bioenergy, Tai Chi, Shaolin Kung Fu and contemporary dance she developed the method into her own system called »The Art of Touch«.

Tina also worked in preparation trainings and treatments of professional biathlon athletes in Lesce, Slovenija. Following very good feedback from the clients, she expanded her treatments and seminars across Slovenija and abroad.



© Sasa Huzjak
© Sasa Huzjak


Andrej is a musician and sound engineer. An important part of his work is devoted to »sound-art« and electro-acoustic sound performances in connection with art “therapy” as »NIMETU«. He collaborated at »Sonic Art« conference in New Delhi in 2008 and performed at ISIM conference in New York in 2014. He co-created music for several dance projects and accompanied dancers and dance performances of diverse styles, from contemporary to improvised, African and Oriental. At the moment he is collaborating with contemporary dancer and shiatsu therapist Tina Dobaj, teaches »frame drumming« and explores shamanic-trance music practices. He incorporates diverse instruments in his performances and sound journeys – frame drums, rattles and shakers, kalimbas, Koshi bells, high quality Native American style flutes, Crystal Harp, tibetan bells, etc. His approach is unique and musical with a strong intent of immersing the listener into deep inner worlds.

M.S.T. treatments and separate shiatsu or music sessions are available upon prior appointment and reservation.

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