Sonic Witchcraft

Music Journeys

Music and sound, especially when experienced very intimately and with a different attention than just an act of performance, are very powerful tools for “mind journeys”! Most people are already familiar with the concept of “shamanic” journeys into the upper, lower or any other imaginative “worlds” that are usually accompanied by drumming. Similarly you can “journey” with your imagination and even experience physical sensations, with a help of intricately performed music journey set!

Nimetu offers individual sound journeys / “concerts” for one, with a broad assortment of instruments and the intention of descending deep into the subconscious processes!

After exhausting the merely emotional and intellectual “performance” intent and setting, the most natural progression was towards directly playing for an individual listener – client or alternatively also for a smaller group (max.15 participants). The latter is referred to as “Sound Journey”!

Please use “Contact” for enquiries and booking of single or group sessions!

vortex 3

The intent is focused on well-being and triggering of self-healing processes facilitated by specially constructed music-sound performance. Using both soothing and energetic sounds, slow – meditative and lively rhythmical musical structures! Embracing the usual assortment of therapeutic instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, power chimes, Koshi bells, etc. NIMETU also uses diverse percussion instruments, shakers, rattles, frame drums, udu drums, kalimbas, Native American style flutes, Fujara overtone flute, etc.

One of the most stunning instruments that is used in a session is the “Crystal Harp”, made of almost pure quartz crystal, that embraces the listener and massages the body also on a physical level. Crystal harp is especially beneficial for overcoming pain and grief, which is one of the main focuses of NIMETU music treatment. The instrument works as a sort of “amplifier” of intent, conscious or subconscious… It feels “alive”.

crystal harp

The exstensive experience and deep musical intuition, along with life-long exploration of altered states of consciousness, enables NIMETU to take you on a vivid journey, where you can explore the deepest pits of your soul or just relax and float in colourful sound imagery!