Sonic Witchcraft

Locus Solus

Live performance – sound journey of extraordinary power

Locus Solus was originally conceived as a special immersive, multi-channel live sound-and-music performance in the dark for a single visitor. 

Nimetu plays the acoustic instruments all around the listener, and at different distances in the performance space.

This intense musical performance induces a transcendental state, ideal for deep relaxation and powerful mind voyages.

Some individuals also experience very vivid visions and physical sensations, like warmth, out of body experiences, tingling, surge of energy, the feeling of rising the internal power and similar.

The name of the project refers to the title of the book by a French surrealist Raymond Roussel, in which the protagonist invites individual friends to his estate. There he presents them with a collection of unusual, wondrous technological objects whose structure is accurately described, and at the same time he reveals the story behind them. Every next exhibit is more complex, and visitors thus become entangled in an ever more complex network of perceptions and experiences that, in their own way, “stop” the mind with its bizarre complexity and the lack of rational anchorages.

Similarly, the listener is invited to close their eyes as an even more complex sound image is presented, which gradually circumvents the obstacles of reason, so that the mental world cannot be contrived by preconceived ideas. The mind is ready to follow the sound that can induce an extraordinary state of perception.

The experience starts with the arrival of each participant who is guided to the massage table, presented with the basic guidelines and encouraged to close the eyes or use the sleeping mask that is provided.

The journey starts with a short guided breath-work exercise that is followed by the performance of Locus Solus, comprised of pre-recorded electronic composition, that is played back through a special surround system: a stereo speaker set plus a distant speaker and a speaker below the massage table, acoustic performance and live-looped sequences. 

The listener is guided on a journey through different stages and back to the grounded reality. 

Each participant receives a 60 minutes individual immersive treatment of sound and possible extra-sensory experiences. 

Wherever the project is organised, the participants must apply and reserve their unique spot. 

Check the “Events” section and Facebook page for the recent “Locus Solus” live events. 

Locus Solus was also recorded and released as the Hemi-sync version “Hero’s Journey” on the Hemi Sync label and in the original form as “Locus Solus” on the Flying Man Records.

Live experience with surround sound, introductory breath-work and the live presence and acoustic performance of the artist produce much stronger effects, but you can also enjoy it in the recorded version at home.