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Immersion Vortex Grooves

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“Immersion Vortex Grooves” is our dedicated Youtube channel where we are publishing a series of special long-form relaxation and “immersion” videos!

Immersion Vortex Grooves is a creative high quality project, dedicated to deeply relaxing, spiritually engaging pure sound immersions. Our sound journeys (instruments and ambiences) are recorded with high quality microphones (Neumann M149, Gefell UM70, DPA 4006, Schoeps MK2, etc.) and played with a special attention – transpersonal state of mind. We navigate the subconscious and spiritual realms with sound and try to capture that for our listeners. Most immersive journeys are completely acoustic, played on special and rare instruments of highest quality – Sound Galaxies crystal bowls, Crystal Harp, Waterphone, Schlagwerk and Cooperman frame drums, High Spirits flutes and many other exotic instruments. Some journeys are also recorded in especially inspiring natural acoustic locations.

The artists come form diverse backgrounds, with extensive artistic, sound therapy, philosophic, psychological and even “shamanic” training.

The visuals by visual artist Katja Hrvatin Jazbec also help to evoke the immersive quality of sound with abstract, “organic” imagery. The sources for visuals are not CGI, but filmed “analog” materials, processes and images further manipulated with video software.