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New video for the single “Makossar”!

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Happy to announce the new video for single Makossar from the upcoming conceptual album IKONOKLAST:

Pre-order – stream and buy:

This is the first (and only “single”) from the conceptual album IKONOKLAST!

(P) 2024

Personnel: Andrej Hrvatin – Nimetu: all instruments and voices, video edit

Visuals by Christian Bodhi via Pixabay, with some additional footage (all courtesy of Pixabay) by StefwithAnf, patw64,
olenchic, Dukefilmmaker, coverr-free-footage, Placidplace and Bestedmontonmall.
Big thanks to all!

Concept of the album: Imagine a future after the failed technological singularity, where the surviving human(oid)s vaguely remember their past,
unsure of their identity or the nature of reality; is it a simulation within a simulation, are we alive, are we holograms?
The mangled remnants of collective human cultural legacy emerge within new-old art forms, weird echoes from the past
reinvented in an irreverent, free spirit. Nothing is certain, everything is possible!
This is dance music from that kind of future!


Album blurp with more info :

World dance music from the dystopic future! What began as a series of inspired nights in the studio,fueled by a looper and unbridled,
stylistically uninhibited imagination, has evolved into nine tunes of raw sonic juice and grooves destined for the dance floors of the future.

With distant memories of lost cultures, a mishmash of echoes from the past has been synthesized into a new human experience that transcends race,
nationality, and other ideologies.

Free from preconceptions and prejudices, this music invites you to “Dance when you’re broken open, dance if you’ve torn the bandage off,
dance in the middle of the fighting, dance in your blood, dance when you’re perfectly free!” (Rumi)

This album is recorded and published in hi-res – 24bit/96KHz that you get if you choose FLAC or WAV download!

Releases March 12, 2024

Performed and mixed by Andrej Hrvatin – Nimetu Instruments used: udu drums, frame drums, chakapa, Korg Wavedrum Global, djembe,
native flutes, kaval, kalimbas, Sundrum, talking drum, voices and vocal fx, electronic soundscapes

NO SAMPLES or sequencers on an entire album, all voices and instruments (also synths and synth percussion) are played live, partially live looped and arranged in a DAW.

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