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NEW SINGLE “Forest Stream Kingdoms” released!

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New single “Forest Stream Kingdoms” is OUT, announcing my forthcoming album “Vrrtise”!
It is inspired by the energy of water, mountain streams, etc.
You can read more about it on Bandcamp link below, where you can also purchase and download wav in CD master quality!
The purchase of this album and optional donations will also be a sort of “fundraiser” for the production of the rest of the album, that is planned for release at the end of this year.
This album is intended for whirling and other ecstatic and trance movement-dances!
This song is dedicated to my percussion teacher Nino Mureškić, who introduced me to the world of percussion and opened up so many new music influences, ideas and techniques!
Enjoy, support and MOVE ecstatically: flow, whirl, shake, jump, trance!
LINK to major streaming services and Bandcamp (the best music distribution service):

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