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NEW Releases – “Hero’s Journey” and “Locus Solus”


Proudly announcing two new releases for the Hemi Sync and Flying Man Records, that came out in July, 2019!


  • Boni jay on February 1, 2020

    I listened to heros journey CD. And through that I learned to harness energy. From everything. Water, wind, storms, electric. And my hearing improved so much. And my eyesight. I could always read minds but now it’s much better. I’m psychic so I pick up on things much faster now. I’m stronger. I have no fear .feel invincible at times. My senses are keen. Very sharp. I see what others cant. Hear everything. And it helps my remote viewing. Though I dont need it. Since I started at age 7. I can view in any situation. Concerts, elevators, in pools, driving which was very cool watching myself drive. With loud noise or no noise. In any position I taught myself to be able to do remote viewing in any situation. But things I can do scare me sometimes. My worst fear is ending up on YouTube and be like “the brain” who never gets out much. I cant thank you enough for that music. It makes me strong. Now make one to make me even stronger. Go beyond what you’ve already done. Push people past their limits. Let them grow in mind, body, and spirit. You need to add the Wave vl…on the end. Mix them all see what happens. There’s always more.

    • Author
      Andrej on February 2, 2020

      Thank you for a very interesting review/feedback. You might also try a very different album “Monolit”, that you can find in the “discography” section.
      I am working on a new album with more percussion and a strong “immersive” quality, this year. Stay tuned!

  • Tara on February 9, 2020

    I am nothing of a hero and certainly not on a “Hero’s Journey”, yet the power of the music brings waterfalls to my eyes. I soak in life’s bitterness, its deceit, its lack of truth, the innocence is totally lost there, never to be found rising out of the ashes; it is simply buried under falsehoods and lies. So bitterness surrounds me as I struggle to find my lost selfhood. I have never sung a song in my entire 70 years of surface existence. I have never played a musical instrument. Yet my self is moved to an extreme degree when the resonance and the cycles merge to vibrate my heart.

    • Author
      Andrej on February 9, 2020

      Thank you! I am glad you found such power in it. Enjoy!

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