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NEW Release – Vroju

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New album “Vroju” is out! A very special album, constructed as a tool for reaching altered states of mind!

Promotional video:

You can purchase the CD quality audio on Bandcamp or listen on any of the streaming services! Limited edition CDs also available!







What others say about the project:

Listening to the music with eyes closed while laying on the floor allowed me to not only relax, both physically and mentally, it also helped produce internal visual imagery similar to the imagery I experience when doing shamanic journeying. After my body was relaxed and my mind fully immersed in the music, the initial visual flashes merged into a continuous narrative performed by familiar and alien forces. Like in a hero’s journey, I came back, somewhat changed. To me ‘Vroju’ said: all is harmony, but only if you can learn to move between the darkness and the light with more fluency, more flow.

~ Krisztián Hofstädter (researcher in brain-computer music interfacing with meditation)

Slovenian master percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Andrej Hrvatin (Nimetu) has created an amazingly unique and deeply powerful album designed for explorers of expanded states of consciousness.
“Vroju” was directly inspired by Andrej’s psychedelic experiences and much of the album was created under the guidance of his non-physical helpers, guides and allies.
I was honored when Andrej asked me to listen to early mixes of these incredible tracks and I’m excited that it is now available to listeners and psychonauts of various kinds!

“Vroju” is perfect for various types of breathwork, meditation practices and enthogenic exploration, and I highly encourage you to give this special album a ‘field test’ with your favorite practices.

Andrej tells about the making of “Vroju” in this great video so please check it out here:

Byron Metcalf, award-winning drummer, percussionist and transpersonal guide.

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