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New album “IKONOKLAST” released!

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Presenting new album “IKONOKLAST“!

Possibly the weirdest album I made till now!

Check it out at:


“Introducing “Ikonoklast” by Nimetu – a groundbreaking album that takes you on a journey
through the dystopic future of “world dance music.”

Born from inspired studio nights, Nimetu’s raw sonic creations, driven by a looper
and boundless imagination, offer nine tunes that redefine the meaning of
the “dance floor experience.”

This musical odyssey weaves distant memories of lost cultures into a new,
borderless human narrative.

Free from preconceptions, “Ikonoklast” invites you to dance without restraint,
embracing the words of Rumi:

“Dance when you’re broken open, dance if you’ve torn the bandage off,
dance in the middle of the fighting, dance in your blood,
dance when you’re perfectly free!”

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic revolution that sways your hips
in unexpected ways – “Ikonoklast” awaits!”

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