Sonic Witchcraft


Enter the Hive

Complex rhythms, melodies and other elements were downloaded from the “hyperspace,” blended with the sounds of insects, and interwoven with percussion partially inspired by the polyrhythms of the Baka people. This unique and powerful musical experience, created as a music entheogen and roadmap for meditation, is enhanced by Hemi-Sync® frequencies allowing you to look beyond the surface and go deeper within.

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“Vroju” is an unconventional album intended to trigger a shift from ordinary perception.

While it is possible to enjoy it purely for its aesthetical and emotional appeal, its main aim is to enable the listener to enter altered states of consciousness.

For avid breathwork practitioners (Pranayama, Holotropic breathing, WHM, etc.) and seasoned psychonauts, it can be a tool to enhance the experience and help navigate the journey.

It is also inspired by the intricate insect songs, featured as elements of the musical arrangement – as one of the “instruments” or voices.

The music on this album was conceived in the flow and trance states. The particular structures, interlocking rhythms, melodies, etc., were “downloaded” from the so-called “Hyperspace” and painstakingly re-created in the ordinary state of consciousness.

In the current times of turmoil, uncertainty, and profound weirdness, it can be a tool for looking beyond the surface and deeper within – not as a substitute for action, but rather as a reminder that there is much more to this world than meets the eye.


This is a very special album, not just “ordinary” music, but an intense “sonic witchcraft” tool for shifting into the altered states of consciousness.

It can also be used as a powerful background music for breath-work and journeys with psychotropic plants.

It was conceived as a pre-recorded part for the drone music performance that took place in Minoriti Church in Maribor, on November 16th, 2019.

The album is published as one continuous piece, comprised of different sections that are marked by the accents on tingsha bell.

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Hero’s Journey

Constructed as a voyage through different stages, it begins with preparations for the departure—like a hero gathering his forces and setting intention—then slowly guides you out of the ordinary world. Explore different aspects of yourself and the Universe as the music builds to a rising of internal power, bringing about a catharsis as it gently leads you back “home” again—changed, enriched, and empowered, with a different view of reality and appreciation for life.

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Locus Solus

Locus Solus was originally conceived as a special immersive, multi-channel live sound-and-music performance in the dark for a single visitor. Nimetu plays the acoustic instruments all around the listener, and at different distances in the performance space.

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A special minimalist recording of solo flute music – “Spirit Flute Journeys”, plus a track of a magic kalimba “invocation”.

The approach was to let go of (pre)conceptions about music and simply dig deep into the subconscious to create the atmosphere of tranquillity, freedom and distance from the daily “drama”.

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Silhueta Soundtrack

Silhueta is the original soundtrack composed for the dance performance “Silhueta” by Tina Dobaj, premiered on 25.november, 2016 in Minoriti Church in Maribor. 

There are three additional outtakes included on the album, that were not used in the actual performance, but were recorded at the same time or used as inspiration (Vortex of Blue) for the final soundtrack. 

This is a work of love and devotion!

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