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Nimetu or »Ni me tu«, means literally »I am not here« in Slovene language, or »nameless, anonymous« in Estonian language (I have no special connection with Estonia, this is just random information, a “co-incidence”, but it fits perfectly).

The idea is to embark on a journey to an uncharted territory, starting unmarked from the position of endlessness and multiplicity of possibilities.

It is a solo project of a musician and sound artist/recordist Andrej Hrvatin:

»It is the essence of my expression through sound, simultaneously being in control and loosing myself in sound, breathing, listening, performing, waiting, letting go of preconceived notions, concepts and expectations, heightened attention towards the minutest of the details.

I want to set the coordinates for the artistic »ritual« and navigate through the vortex of possibilities while letting go of inhibitions and preconceived ideas of what is allowed or expected. Is it art, kitsch, ritual, meditation, show, concert,  fake, honest, complex or superficial, original or recycled? It doesn’t matter. I am interested in the direct effects and pure emotional and physical experience of sound, not in conceptualizations of »what it should be«.»Nimetu« pursues the (non conceptual) »meaning« – the subjective sense of performing something honest, sincere and intimate. It is both music therapy, art, self-expression, exploration of inner worlds and inexplicably beyond all those labels at the same time.

Lost in darkness, embraced by vibrations and musical cues, participating physically with adjusted breathing and other possible body interactions, bathing in sound, losing the perspective of time and space, letting go of expectations and diving into the endless sea. I am not here, yet I exist.»